These Testimonials are shared with the permission of my clients

My birth experience was so beautiful, it was a dream come true birth experience!! Tara said the right things during labor to encourage me but also keep my partner calm. She is very professional with staff, family and other birth supporters. ES 2016

Tara is an absolutely beautiful and wonderful person. Tara supported me to have a natural and un-medicated birth in a hospital setting. She worked with my mother and my husband to support me in labor as i was 5 weeks early and we were all taken by surprise. Tara met all of my needs as a first time mother and was one of my greatest supports. I owe my beautiful birth experience to her care and support. I feel so lucky to have her in my life and to share my next birthing experience with her through the impending birth of my second child.  CR 2017

Tara was such a wonderful source of information and support during my pregnancy and birth and also during my postpartum phase. She gave my husband and I information about birthing and was flexible with us during my high risk pregnancy. During my birth, she helped guide me and relieve some pain associated with labor. She kept me informed and encouraged throughout the entire process. When I had difficulty nursing in the first couple of weeks, she was very helpful and provided me with a great book that addressed some of my problems. I’m so glad Tara was there through this beautiful process. She was kind, caring, professional, and infinitely helpful. I highly suggest her to anyone looking for a doula!!  MA 2017

This was my first child and I was very anxious. I was certain I did not want a C-section, but I did want to give birth in the hospital. At each doctor appointment, there was something missing… emotional support from a caring woman who could share a wealth of experience! At the same time, Tara respected my individual choices and encouraged me to fully take on my new role. Tara was very respectful and always willing to help. She stayed through a very long and difficult delivery and never seemed to give up or take any shortcuts. My husband and I learned how to help in the process too, which was very empowering. MA 2016

Tara was the ideal doula for me in part because she was so flexible and so receptive to my needs, even as they changed over time. I wanted to have a doula so I could have support through labor, but also during the time before and afterwards. As a first time mom, as well as an individual who struggles with anxiety, I wanted to feel like I had a resource and safety net in my doula. Tara was all of that and more. She was incredibly responsive to calls and texts throughout my pregnancy, and no question was too insignificant to merit her full attention. She provided so many resources to us in the form of handouts, youtube videos, books, and audio recordings as well. In meetings with her, I never felt like she was rushing our time together. She was thorough, organized, and incredibly compassionate. However, her true time to shine was during labor itself. She remained a calming force for me during 36 hours of labor, including 4 hours of pushing. She helped me to advocate for myself with my doctors and midwives, and worked seamlessly with them to assist my labor and delivery. I could tell that she was well respected and liked by hospital staff, which I think made a difference in the atmosphere during my birthing process. It felt like a team effort. I also appreciated how much time she dedicated to working with my husband about his own anxieties relating to birth. I felt like she developed a strong relationship and rapport with him as well as me, which meant she needed to manage multiple sets of expectations, fears, and emotions. And she did it with aplomb. I literally cannot imagine going through the labor and delivery process without Tara’s calm and cheerful spirit there to guide me, and I feel confident that Tara’s presence was a huge part of the reason everything went so smoothly, with minimal medical intervention. At every step of the way, as I made decisions for myself and my baby, she provided me with all the information and research needed to make the most informed choice, and she never questioned or pressured me to do anything other than what my instincts told me. Truly, she was the perfect doula for my pregnancy and delivery.  K C 2016

Tara was incredibly patient and supportive throughout the last few months of my pregnancy, during birth, and in the first several months of my caring for and adjusting to life with a small baby. My husband and I went a bit overboard with our reading and research before the birth, and Tara was an amazingly calming influence during that process, especially when things started to stray further and further away from THE PLAN. We were hoping and preparing for a natural birth, but, due to the large size of the baby, our doctor insisted on an induction as the safest option (maybe she was right, maybe not, we’ll never really know). During those last few days of the pregnancy, when stress, uncertainty, fear, and frustration were beginning to take over, Tara was always there and she helped me recenter and re-focus on the fact that I was getting ready to become a mother (instead of dwelling so much on the actual birth)–she introduced me to another doula and midwife, who gave me amazing advice and also helped me focus on the big picture, and she guided me toward an acupuncturist, who also helped me prepare for the birth. After our baby was born, Tara checked on us several times and, again, was extremely supportive and helpful while we were establishing our breastfeeding relationship. I think the magic of Tara was that she was so perceptive to our needs at every step of the way, even when we weren’t really able to articulate what we needed, and she simply offered what was necessary without much ado. When we are ready to have our second baby, Tara will be our doula for sure! A O 2016

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