Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes workshop

I offer highly individualized private childbirth classes to families in Roanoke, Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Floyd, VA.  Weekends are preferable.

4 hours of focused childbirth education on a Saturday or Sunday, IN YOUR HOME to suit your schedule (weekday may be available if preferred).  Includes physiology of birth, what to expect at the hospital, the immediate postpartum, stages of labor, movement in labor and positions for special issues, proper fetal positioning, different views and approaches to pain management, understanding fetal heart tones, postpartum recovery, and access to videos and documents that will further understanding and preparation, question and answers. Great for busy parents who like to learn on their own, but would benefit from Q&A, some face to face time and sensible labor practice.  Handouts included.  $125 total for mother and birthing partner (can be husband, family member, etc) ($100 for current clients)

Leclaire Origional Hypnobirthing Babymoon Method.  I completed certification October 2016 in the Leclaire Origional Hypnobirthing Babymoon Method.  Hypnobirthing involves specific materials, private consultation in person or over the phone and continued goal setting and working together over the pregnancy.  Most of the work is accomplished on your own using CD’s and workbook (approximately $60 of material).  Hypnobirthing is a process of preparing oneself inwardly for the challenge of surrendering to the transformation process of labor.  Having a guide to answer questions, point you in the right direction and hold space as you gain clarity and step outside your comfort zone, can be very helpful.  Clients may also benefit from childbirth education or doula services that also address what to expect at the hospital and comfort in labor techniques etc.  Please see Packages and Pricing.  Please contact me about the value of Hypnobirthing guidance and how to make this possible.

Please contact me to specify exactly what you are looking for, best times, interest in Hypnobirthing vs. more traditional birth preparation and I will discuss what I can offer you or refer you to other educators in the area.