Details of my Basic Doula Package


Free Consultation 

During your free consultation, we will meet at a mutually comfortable location for a casual conversation that usually lasts about an hour. We can talk about your desires for your birth, what my role would be as your doula and any concerns or requests you may presently have.  Questions are welcome as this is a great time to see whether I will be a good match for your needs, situation and personality.

2 Prenatal Visits  

With or without body work (please see packages)

With Bodywork

Clients may choose prenatal visits with bodywork. This is for relaxation, clarifying your preferences around labor massage,  and for the client to learn methods of releasing tension in the pelvis. I am NOT a Licensed Massage therapist. The bodywork usually takes place during the second prenatal as time allows.  If a client chooses to have body work, I will bring my Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion as well as use client’s bed and pillows for positioning and bodywork.  The prenatal will be approximately 2 hours long.  If we complete discussion and practicing comfort measures in the first hour, we can make time for up to an hour bodywork! Clients choosing bodywork will want to prioritize discussion items so time is made for massage.  Further follow up can be done, as usual, outside of meeting by phone or email.  This is a good option for experienced birthers and mothers who are actively taking classes and self educating outside our sessions.   Sources may be private classes, group classes or workshops, or reading and online study.   I offer a one day workshop for clients at an additional charge.

Without Bodywork

Clients may choose prenatal visits without bodywork.  During your prenatal visits we can more thoroughly discuss topics such as your expectations for your birth, your previous experiences in pregnancy and childbirth, prenatal care, childbirth education, nutrition and exercise that will benefit you, what to anticipate during labor, postpartum plans, newborn care, as well discussing as any concerns or fears that you would like to talk about. We will also discuss creating a birth plan if you so desire. At the second prenatal, we will go over some common scenarios that might occur during the last weeks of pregnancy and different ways of handling them. I will also guide you and your partner through a practice session of a variety of comfort measures, so that you are familiar with them before labor begins.  Although we will cover many aspects of labor and birth, I recommend clients educate themselves outside of these sessions as well. Sources may be private classes, group classes or workshops, or reading and online study.   I offer a one day workshop for clients at an additional charge.

Ancient Roots Pregnancy and Birth Guide

A compilation of relevant and informative articles, introspective worksheets, information on the mechanics and stages of labor, ideas for comfort and support in labor and tips for birth partners, as well as helpful ideas, birth plan examples and postpartum and breastfeeding resources.  Google doc or printed format

Doula Support at Your Birth

Focused continuous labor support for you in your time of need.  24-7 oncall availability near your due date, support in your home during early labor (if desired), advocacy for you throughout your labor, specific massage techniques to support your relaxation, pain relief and labor progress, positioning help to increase labor success and ease, my birth bag full of labor tools (hot and cold therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, honey sticks, electrolyte mixes, peanut ball, birth ball etc), emotional and informational support for your birthing partner, support in implementing your birth plan and current desires, unconditional positive regard.

Postpartum Visit in Your Home

During the postpartum visit I can assist you with breastfeeding, well mother care, newborn care and spend time reflecting on your birth story. Postpartum visits usually occur anywhere between the day after your baby is born and two weeks postpartum.  Additional postpartum visits available in your home at a discounted price of $50 for a 2 hour visit.

Breastfeeding support

 Breastfeeding information prenatally, one on one support in your home at your postpartum visit if needed.  Phone support and help accessing local resources.

Phone, email and text support in daylight hours through your entire pregnancy and for as long as you need in the postpartum (*priceless!)

Also Included:  Use of my lending library & videos,  phone and email support, birthing tools including stool, homeopathy, birth and peanut ball, aromatherapy and relaxation/hypnotherapy aids.

After the Birth

After the birth, a Postpartum Doula can play an integral role in easing a family’s transition after birth.  She can help with breastfeeding, recovery, cleaning, cooking and baby-care – basically allowing parents more time to bond with their new family member and other children and ensuring that questions are answered and new mothers are able to focus on recovery and nourishing their little one.  Clients receive one in home postpartum visit with  my Birth Doula services.  If you would like additional help in the postpartum, contact me about Postpartum Doula options in this area.

Having a Homebirth and still interested in a Doula?  Great idea!  Doulas can be excellent for the home birth situation as well, providing company and extra support in early labor, helping with comfort measures through the birth and being available in the postpartum.   That ‘Doula’ may be a well prepared and relaxed friend, family member, husband or hired Doula.  In summary, every woman deserves to feel adequately supported and to have different options for having her needs of comfort and connection met.